Glenn R. Priester

Born on 20-7-1950 in Djakarta (Indonesia)

Since 1955 resident in the Netherlands

Art education:

Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
Royal Academy of Art, Antwerp
History of art, University of Amsterdam

Dutch landscape is the central theme in Glenn Priester´s work. This traditional theme gets a complete new form of stretched spaces and columns in the not so much used medium metal. These used metals show, influenced by weather conditions, constant transforming skies and water surfaces. In this way they mirror the ever changing weather, a process which also continues when the artwork is placed indoors.

These “sky-landscapes” are perhaps the most well-known, but certainly not the only works of Glenn. He likes to change and be unpredictable and his never ceasing search for new forms and materials produce innovative art. His work is a constant search for balance between the unpredictable and directing.