Martin Wink

The work of Martin Wink is mainly about the landscape. The creating of landscape plays a major role. In his work there are often references to this “creating”​, sometimes very obvious sometimes hidden. That the landscape around us is directed, sometimes almost as a backdrop, bears beautiful landscapes to Martin. Both in the city and beyond.

In the more recent work is the reference to the orchestrated landscape slowly disappearing. There is more use of landscape elements or parts of different sceneries joined together. Most of the drawings and paintings can be linked to actually visited landscapes.

Martin uses different materials. On a surface of paper, panel or canvas, he works a lot with egg-tempera supplemented with graphite, oil-paint, oil-bar, etc.

The way of presentation is often a part of the work. For instance, some paintings seem to float in front of the wall.

Martin is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague, KABK.

He has exhibited in the Netherlands and abroad. Work is included in private and public collections.