Zoran Lešić was born in 1953. He studied to be a Theater actor and in 1976 joined “Kamerni teatar 55” Sarajevo. Having father who was a theatre director and mother who was an actress, he grew up in a creative theatrical world that encouraged and fertilized his imagination. In his 30’s, he abandoned his aim of becoming a “famous actor” and dedicated his whole life, private and professional existence, to photography. This was the beginning of a total and absolute passion.


Zoran is recognized as an innovative photographer whose dynamic works have connection to painting and theatre. Their sense of scale comes from Zoran's interest in the tradition of painting and their methods of production from his passion for theatre. Two critical moments in Zoran’s life deeply shaped the content of his work. After a career as an actor and theatre photographer, he found himself in the middle of the Balkans war which pushed his career into a different direction. After two years of working as a war photographer, he left Sarajevo and joined his family as a refugee in Holland. In 1997, he joined the ICTY (International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia) as a “Crime Scene Photographer.” Traces of his war experience and his current work at the ICTY reverberate throughout his photographs, which deal with themes such as life, war, love and catharsis.

Together with his wife and artistic partner, Mirjana, he produced and directed number of theatre and dance projects, among them: ”Wat nou”, “Skapen's frauds”, “Werktuig”, “Lady with Camellias” and “He,he,helium”

In 2012 Mirjana and Zoran established in Sarajevo non-governmental and non-profit association HAPPY FAMILY. The main target of the HAPPY FAMILY is to promote the young artist's creativity, to encourage international exchanges and the development of pacific relations across the post-Yugoslav area.

Zoran stands behind 55 solo projects and exhibitions.

As a war crime scenes reconstruction specialist, he worked for many international war crimes tribunals and courts in Cambodia, Rwanda, Congo and Central African Republic. He has teach at American School of the Hague, British School the Hague, and lectured at International School the Hague, Minneapolis University and Interpol War Crimes trainings in France and Tanzania.